What is a full day or part day coverage?

What is full day or part day coverage?

What is full day or part day coverage you might ask. This is how many hours I will spend photographing. It does not include travel to the starting location or from the final location. It does, however, if need will include time spent travelling between photo locations. like travelling from where the bride gets ready to the ceremony. Also when you travel to another location for bridal party photos.

Now that has been explained. My full day packages are ten hours but can be extended at an hourly rate. There are also packages set for part day coverage such as 8 hours and 6 hours. The time needed for photos can change from wedding to wedding. It is best to discuss firstly with your photographer who can guide you on what may suit your day.

There is also a shorter midweek four hour packages. Elopement pages may be the way to go when your wedding is only small and very intimate. There may be restrictions with these packages. In all cases I only ever book a single wedding on the day to ensure you have all my attention.

In saying all that and you may be looking for something different. A custom hourly package can usually be arranged to achieve what you are looking for.